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Safety news

Loss of a Worker Leads to a Staggering Revelation of 36 Violations at Accurate Manufacturing

TULSA — The death of a worker at Accurate Manufacturing, a Tulsa metal fabrication company, prompted a series of three separate OSHA investigations that uncovered a multitide of violations and safety lapses.

The fatal incident occurred in April 2023 when the employee was pressure testing a heat exchanger and got struck when one of its plugs blew off at 2600 psi. The tragic event raised concerns about safety practices at the company, leading to extensive federal health and safety investigations.

The Investigations

These investigations identified a total of 36 violations, with 25 serious safety breaches. The violations covered a wide range of hazards, including obstructions in exit routes, lack of energy-control programs and training, ungrounded flammable chemicals, unsafe operation of industrial equipment, absence of machine guards, improper maintenance of electrical equipment, and inadequate protection for welders and their assistants.

Accurate Manufacturing was also cited for health violations related to the absence of hearing conservation programs, improper audiometric testing, and inadequate respiratory protection.

The Punishment

The consequences for the company were substantial, with proposed penalties amounting to $275,890 for the three inspections. The investigations have underscored the significance of continuous improvement, a proactive safety culture, and ensuring that lessons are learned from every safety incident to prevent larger accidents.

The discovery of 36 violations at the company highlights the importance of stringent safety practices. It’s not just a matter of rules and regulations; it’s about creating a workplace where every employee can confidently perform their tasks without compromising their well-being.

OSHA’s View

OSHA Area Director Steven Kirby said, “Our investigations identified three dozen violations, most of them serious, and found hazardous conditions affecting nearly every aspect of Accurate Manufacturing’s operations.” This has raised major concerns about the company’s disregard for hazards that contributed to a tragic employee fatality.

Accurate Manufacturing Inc. produces and builds steel products for various industries. The company now has 15 business days to comply, request an informal conference, or contest the findings.

What We Learned

The unfortunate incident serves as a poignant reminder that workplace safety is paramount and that all leadership must continually strive for improvements. By taking a proactive approach to safety and addressing even the seemingly minor incidents and hazards, companies can prevent major accidents and create a safer work environment.Use our safety talk on unsafe working conditions to help keep your workplace free from hazards.

Tragedy at JFK Airport Sparks OSHA Citations for Bronx Contractor

NEW YORK — On April 3, 2023 two workers of Triumph Construction Corp. lost their lives in a trench collapse. The heart-wrenching incident occurred at a JFK Airport worksite in Queens, New York City, and was found to have resulted from the construction company’s critical safety lapses.

The incident

The unfortunate incident unfolded as two employees were attempting to remove soil from beneath a concrete slab within a trench. Tragically, the slab broke, collapsing onto the workers, inflicting fatal injuries on the pair.

OSHA investigation

After the incident, OSHA conducted a thorough investigation of the worksite, uncovering serious excavation hazards. These included the absence of proper support for a concrete slab, leaving employees exposed to the risk of a collapse

Additionally, employees were not adequately trained on safe methods for slab removal, and there was a lack of supervision to ensure these methods were followed. Furthermore, the excavation’s protective system did not adhere to OSHA standards, compounding the hazards faced by the workers. OSHA cited the company for four serious violations, proposing penalties of $59,153.

A message from OSHA

OSHA’s area director, Kevin Sullivan, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “Working in excavations is inherently dangerous. Demolition of existing structures must be carefully planned, and shoring systems must be built according to their design.” He further stressed that employers must make a solemn effort to identify, assess, and manage workplace hazards as conditions change.

What happens next?

Triumph Construction Corp., a Bronx-based water and sewer line construction contractor, now faces critical decisions in the wake of these citations. They have 15 business days to comply, request an informal conference, or contest the findings..

The takeaway

The tragic incident at JFK Airport serves as a profound reminder that safety should never be taken for granted. It prompts us to recognize the need for constant vigilance and a steadfast commitment to safeguarding lives. In the world of safety, every action counts, and every life is priceless.

Use our detailed talk on eliminating hazards from the workplace to make sure you and your team stay protected.

Tragedy Strikes as a Worker Suffers a Fatal Fall at a Hyundai Electric Car Plant

ELLABELL, GEORGIA — In a devastating incident at a Hyundai electric car plant in Ellabell Georgia, a 34-year-old steel worker lost his life after a 60-foot fall. According to a November 2nd release, OSHA discovered severe safety lapses in the safety operations at Eastern Constructors Inc..

The Incident

The fatal accident occurred while workers from Eastern Constructors Inc. were guiding an I-beam into place on top of the plant’s paint building. The worker, walking along the upper frame, lost his balance, resulting in a fall. Unfortunately, his safety line was cut by the sharp structure and, as such, failed to arrest the fall. Despite prompt emergency response, the severity of his injuries proved fatal.

Safety Lapses Uncovered

OSHA’s investigation determined that Eastern Constructors Inc. failed to follow legally required safety procedures, specifically related to fall protection. The workers were not provided with fall arrest equipment suitable for the work conditions, exposing them to unnecessary hazards. Furthermore, the company neglected to retire worn and damaged fall arrest systems, compounding the risk.

The Punishment

In response to the identified violations, OSHA cited Eastern Constructors Inc. for one willful and one serious citation, amounting to proposed penalties totaling $160,724. Furthermore, the company was put on OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program. And this isn’t the first time the company has been under the spotlight for the loss of a worker. Since 2016, the company has been inspected in response to four other employee casualties.

OSHA’s Response

According to OSHA Area Director, Jessica Bookman, the severity of the incident underscores the critical importance of thorough worksite inspections. Bookman expressed, “The risks of serious and fatal injuries for people working at these heights are well-known, and no step should ever be overlooked during the process of inspecting the worksite for hazards.”

Eastern Constructors Inc. now has 15 business days to comply, request an informal conference with OSHA, or contest the findings before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC).

Lessons Learned

The tragic incident at the worksite serves as a poignant reminder for safety managers across industries that strict compliance with legally required safety procedures is non-negotiable. It is pivotal to ensure that workers are provided with fall arrest equipment suitable for specific work conditions and capable of withstanding potential hazards. 

It also emphasizes the shared responsibility of ensuring every worker returns home safely, compelling us all to strive for excellence in workplace safety practices.

If you want to ensure your workers don’t suffer the same fate, take a look at our detailed talk on fall protection.

Waupaca Foundry Faces Hefty Fines After Two Workers Suffer Amputation Injuries

MARINETTE — Waupaca Foundry Inc. finds itself under the federal regulatory spotlight for the third time after OSHA cited the company for serious safety violations, imposing fines totaling $234,385. The penalties stem from two amputation injuries suffered by employees in the mill room within just 11 days of each other in April and May 2023.

The Incidents

The first incident occurred on April 27, 2023, when a 29-year-old employee experienced a fingertip amputation while attempting to clear jammed parts from a chain link conveyor belt. On May 8, 2023, a 20-year-old employee, with only six months on the job, suffered a similar fate when their hand became entangled between a part and a grinding wheel.

The Investigation

OSHA’s investigation revealed a disturbing pattern of inadequate machine guarding and a lack of energy control procedures, issues for which Waupaca Foundry had been previously cited in 2019 and 2021. 

The agency identified two repeat and six serious violations, including failing to train employees on how and when to apply energy isolation techniques, not implementing proper energy control steps during maintenance, damaged guardrails exposing workers to fall hazards, and violations of safe electrical work practices.

OSHA’s Stance

OSHA Area Director Robert Bonack stated, “Despite repeated employee injuries and OSHA citations, Waupaca Foundry continues to ignore federal and industry-recognized safety requirements to prevent employee exposure to amputation, electrical, and other hazards,” He further expressed that the company should take immediate action and implement procedures and training to ensure such incidents are not repeated.

Waupaca Foundry, one of the world’s largest independent iron foundries, now faces a choice to comply within 15 business days, request an informal conference with OSHA’s area director, or contest the findings.

Lessons to Take Home

This incident serves as a stark reminder to safety managers and employers everywhere about the critical importance of robust safety protocols, frequent training updates, and proactive measures to prevent workplace accidents. The spotlight on Waupaca Foundry underscores the need for unwavering commitment to employee well-being, not only as a legal obligation but as a fundamental responsibility.

If you want to ensure your workers stay safe around machinery, pass along our detailed talk on pinch points.

3M Company Pays the Ultimate Price for Overlooking Critical Safety Hazards

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WISCONSIN — In a devastating turn of events, a worker at a 3M Company manufacturing plant in southwestern Wisconsin lost their life in May 2023. The fact that the hazard that caused this incident had been flagged by a companywide safety review, and therefore could have been prevented, has raised serious questions about the company’s commitment to federal workplace safety regulations.

The Incident

An employee got entangled in a machine’s rotating rollers as they were setting up a plastic extrusion line. But this wasn’t the company’s first casualty; a 63-year-old worker also faced the same fate in February 2022 at its facility in Alexandria. After the incident, an assessment of the equipment was conducted in May 2022, revealing that the power rollers were a hazard.

The Investigation

OSHA launched an investigation promptly after the incident, exposing two willful violations. Initial findings revealed potential lapses in 3M Company’s safety procedures, including failure to use standard procedures for hazardous energy control, inadequate machine guarding, and lack of implementation of energy control steps during machine setup. As a result of the negligence, the company now faces proposed penalties amounting to $312,518.

OSHA’s View

OSHA’s Regional Administrator Bill Donovan in Chicago expressed deep concern, stating, “The tragedy of another employee’s death in Wisconsin is compounded by the fact that the 3M Company completed a corporate-wide review and determined powered rollers were hazards in need of safety improvements.”

3M, a Fortune 200 company that produces over 60,000 products under multiple brand names, now has 15 business days to respond to OSHA’s citations and penalties, request an informal conference, or contest them.

Lessons Learned

The tragic incident is a grim reminder that avoiding safety protocols can have severe consequences. The company failed to address hazards identified in a previous safety review to prevent the loss of a worker.

Continuous safety audits and vigilance are crucial to maintaining a safe work environment, especially after prior incidents. Strict adherence to federal regulations for hazardous energy control is imperative during machine setup and operation.

The 3M Company now reaches a critical juncture in their commitment to employee well-being and workplace safety. Employers across industries should take heed, ensuring that the lessons learned translate into actionable safety measures within their own organizations.

To avoid unfavorable outcomes in your workplace, read our extensive talk on hand tool inspections and hazards.

OSHA Slaps Wisconsin Dollar General with Penalties for Repeated Electrical Hazards

CRANDON, WISCONSIN — On October 3, 2023, OSHA cited Dolgencorp LLC, operating as Dollar General, for multiple electrical safety violations at its Crandon, Wisconsin location. But this isn’t the company’s first brush against OSHA; Dollar General has been cited previously in 2020 and 2022 for similar violations.

OSHA investigation

OSHA opened an investigation at the worksite in May 2023, revealing three repeat electrical safety violations, besides one other-than-serious violation for the insecure stacking of totes. This investigation led to proposed penalties totaling $147,334 for the retail giant, marking another chapter in OSHA’s long history of safety inspections at Dollar General stores​.

The identified electrical hazards included the improper connection of two movable power taps, an uncovered outlet, and the misuse of flexible wiring in place of required fixed wiring. These violations, as per OSHA Area Director Robert Bonack, necessitate immediate action from the store managers to avert more severe problems that could arise from such electrical hazards​​.

A history of violations

Dollar General has come under OSHA’s radar multiple times before. The agency has previously identified similar violations at Dollar General locations in Troy, New Hampshire, and Mobile and South Ashland, Alabama. 

Since September 2013, OSHA has conducted over 500 inspections at Dollar General stores, reflecting a persistent issue concerning adherence to electrical safety standards. The corporation operates more than 19,000 stores across the U.S. and Mexico, employing approximately 170,000 people, thus magnifying the potential risk factor involved with such recurring safety violations​​.

What’s next?

The citation offers Dollar General a 15-business-day window to either comply with the citations, seek an informal conference with OSHA’s area director, or challenge the findings before the independent OSHRC. 


This incident underscores the critical importance of maintaining electrical safety standards, not just for Dollar General, but for retail outlets and businesses across the board to ensure a safe working environment for employees and a safe shopping experience for customers​.

With this latest citation, the spotlight is once again on large retail chains and their responsibility towards adhering to safety regulations to ensure a hazard-free environment both for their employees and the customers alike.

Take a look at our detailed toolbox talk on electrical safety to stay on top of all electrical hazards in the workplace. 

Recycled Glass Manufacturer in Hot Water Over Repeated Safety Violations

HOUSTON – A Houston-based company, Strategic Materials Inc., faces hefty charges following a series of grave safety violations discovered by OSHA at their Midlothian, Texas site. The company has to pay $370,995 in fines after a complaint lodged on March 9, 2023 prompted a thorough investigation by the OSHA officials. 

But this isn’t the first time the recycled glass manufacturer has had a run-in with OSHA, indicating a pattern of neglect towards employee safety​.


The company, known for supplying recycled glass to manufacturers, had its safety lapses laid bare during the OSHA inspection. The investigators unearthed a total of 13 violations, which included nine serious, one willful, and three repeat offenses. Among the violations were the lack of required lockout/tagout procedures, exposing employees to fall hazards, failure to enclose sprocket wheels and chains, and neglecting to guard projecting shaft ends​​​​.

The Investigation

This recent investigation has shed light on the continuous disregard for safety protocols by Strategic Materials Inc. as previously witnessed in previous inspections and citations in 2021. The repeated violations have not only put the employees at risk but also brought the company under severe scrutiny. The alarming findings reveal a culture of negligence that has persisted over time despite the looming threat of penalties.

OSHA’s View

OSHA Area Director Timothy Minor voiced his concerns, reiterating the severe implications of such safety lapses, “Strategic Materials Inc. continues to expose workers to some of the general industry’s leading causes of workplace injuries and death.” He further emphasized that employers who willfully disregard their duty to keep workers safe would be held accountable​​.

Strategic Materials Inc. now has 15 business days following the receipt of the citations and penalties to either comply, arrange an informal discussion with OSHA area director, or contest the findings before the independent OSHRC​.


The hefty fines proposed by OSHA are a testament to the seriousness of the violations and a reminder to other companies about the financial and reputational repercussions of ignoring safety regulations. This incident underlines the crucial role of adhering to safety regulations in preventing workplace accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. It’s a wake-up call for companies to ramp up their safety measures and lead a culture of safety

Read our safety talk about how to ensure a secure working environment and share it in your safety meetings. 

Holmes Foods Inc. Faces Heavy Fines for Ignoring Safety Regulations

NIXON, TEXAS – OSHA has brought to light serious safety violations at Holmes Foods Inc., a Texas-based poultry processor. The company is now facing proposed penalties amounting to $60,269 for endangering the wellbeing of its employees​.

OSHA’s Inspection

A scheduled OSHA inspection on March 15, 2023, under its Regional Emphasis Program for Poultry Processing Facilities, revealed that the company failed to adhere to crucial safety standards. These violations stem from a broader concern in the poultry processing industry renowned for its ergonomic hazards with around 50% of the injuries and illnesses in this sector attributed to musculoskeletal disorders​​.

The company failed to provide adequate eye protection, develop lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures to prevent unexpected activations, and guard rotating shafts, chains, and sprockets.

OSHA Citations

OSHA cited the company for five serious violations, highlighting a significant lapse in ensuring a safe work environment. This goes especially for line workers who are exposed to ergonomic hazards due to repetitive motions and lifting tasks. OSHA Area Director, Monica Munoz, stressed the necessity for adhering to the federal requirements for safeguarding employees, especially those whose jobs are essential to the region’s food supply​.


The industry and the public have reacted with concern to the violations at Holmes Foods Inc., which employs about 500 workers at its Nixon facility. The company, with a history dating back to 1925, has been a significant player in the poultry processing sector, providing ready-to-cook poultry to various food service providers and retail deli markets. The proposed penalties highlight the urgency and the necessity for stringent adherence to safety regulations to prevent long-term injuries to employees, which is an essential aspect of maintaining a company’s reputation and operational integrity​.

Holmes Foods Inc. now has a 15-day window from the receipt of the citations and penalties to comply, request an informal conference with OSHA’s area director, or contest the findings before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC)​.


This case sets a precedent and serves as a stark reminder to other companies in the poultry processing industry and beyond, about the importance of adhering to safety regulations to ensure the well-being of employees and avoid hefty penalties. The enforcement actions by OSHA are a testament to the agency’s commitment to maintain safety standards and hold companies accountable for any lapses, ensuring a safer work environment for all.

The broader implication of such enforcement actions reverberates through the industry, emphasizing the critical role of regulatory compliance in fostering a culture of safety. Take a look at our safety talk on how to reduce injuries and fatalities in various work settings and pass the details onto your colleagues. 

New Jersey Construction Firm Faced with Hefty Fines for Safety Lapses

Irvington, NJ — A New Jersey-based residential construction company, JM Brother Construction LLC, is in hot water following a rigorous OSHA inspection. The firm, noted for its roofing and masonry services, is now faced with hefty fines. The proposed penalties tally up to $77,684 owing to glaring safety violations at a worksite located in Hasbrouck Heights​​​​​.

The matter came to light during a routine OSHA inspection where employees of JM Brother Construction were seen performing roofing work on a two-story residence without the mandated fall protection mechanisms in place. This negligence put the workers at risk of falls from heights up to 23 feet — a hazard that could result in severe injuries or fatalities​​​​.

Further probing unveiled more safety oversights. The firm allowed employees to ride without seat belts in areas of cargo vans unsuitable for passengers. Additionally, there was a reported unsafe use of a ladder. The company failed to safeguard employees from potential head impact injuries, significantly amplifying the risk factor in an already dangerous environment​​.

These findings led to OSHA citing the company for one willful and three serious violations. The proposed penalties reflect the severity of the hazards and the blatant disregard for standard safety protocols. OSHA Area Director stationed in Hasbrouck Heights, Lisa Levy, remarked that JM Brother Construction endangered worker safety by failing to provide necessary fall protection measures. She also highlighted the importance of incorporating such measures in a sector where falls are a leading cause of workplace fatalities​​​​.

The incident underscores the quintessential role of adhering to federal safety laws established to avert potentially crippling injuries or worse outcomes for construction workers. It’s a stark reminder for employers to prioritize the safety of their workforce by ensuring full compliance with official safety standards.

JM Brother Construction LLC now finds itself at a crossroads, with 15 business days to comply with the penalties, request an informal conference with OSHA, or contest the results before the OSHRC.

The incident shines a spotlight on the imperative nature of stringent safety measures in the construction industry, where the propensity for accidents is high. It also highlights the pivotal role of regulatory bodies like OSHA in enforcing compliance with safety laws, thus ensuring a safer working environment for employees.

The case against JM Brother Construction LLC is a clarion call to other firms within the construction realm to ramp up their safety protocols. It’s a poignant reminder that a lax approach to safety can lead to dire consequences, both in human and financial terms. It can adversely affect the reputation and operations of a company in the long run.

Custom Container Solutions Faces Nearly Half a Million in Fines for Hazardous Workplace Conditions

Milton, PA — A prominent Pennsylvania-based manufacturer, Custom Container Solutions, has come under severe criticism following a comprehensive inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The inspection unveiled a slew of safety and health hazards, putting the employees in potentially risky conditions at the company’s Milton facility.

OSHA inspected the facility in March 2023 under its site-specific targeting program. It led to citations for 23 serious, two willful, three repeat, and two other-than-serious violations. The identified hazards ranged from inadequate personal protective equipment for welders to the improper storage of flammable materials, posing significant employee risks.

The investigation revealed a lack of essential safety programs, including a respiratory protection program and a hearing conservation program, among others. OSHA inspectors noted several deficiencies, including improper guards on metal working machinery and the use of an unrated powered industrial truck in a flammable atmosphere.

Custom Container Solutions, known for manufacturing steel containers for various industries, including waste, construction, recycling, and energy, now faces proposed penalties amounting to $484,401. OSHA Area Director Mary Reynolds emphasized the importance of safety and health as core values in every workplace, urging the company to rectify the identified hazards to prevent potential injuries.

With a 15-business-day window to comply, ask for an informal conference with OSHA, or challenge the results, the ball is now in Custom Container Solutions’ court. The company’s response will not only impact its financial standing but also set a precedent for occupational safety standards within the manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania and beyond.

This case underscores the crucial role regulatory bodies like OSHA play in safeguarding the well-being of employees across various sectors. It’s a stark reminder to all employers about their legal and moral obligation towards ensuring a safe and conducive working environment for their workforce​​.