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Custom Container Solutions Faces Nearly Half a Million in Fines for Hazardous Workplace Conditions

Milton, PA — A prominent Pennsylvania-based manufacturer, Custom Container Solutions, has come under severe criticism following a comprehensive inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The inspection unveiled a slew of safety and health hazards, putting the employees in potentially risky conditions at the company’s Milton facility.

OSHA inspected the facility in March 2023 under its site-specific targeting program. It led to citations for 23 serious, two willful, three repeat, and two other-than-serious violations. The identified hazards ranged from inadequate personal protective equipment for welders to the improper storage of flammable materials, posing significant employee risks.

The investigation revealed a lack of essential safety programs, including a respiratory protection program and a hearing conservation program, among others. OSHA inspectors noted several deficiencies, including improper guards on metal working machinery and the use of an unrated powered industrial truck in a flammable atmosphere.

Custom Container Solutions, known for manufacturing steel containers for various industries, including waste, construction, recycling, and energy, now faces proposed penalties amounting to $484,401. OSHA Area Director Mary Reynolds emphasized the importance of safety and health as core values in every workplace, urging the company to rectify the identified hazards to prevent potential injuries.

With a 15-business-day window to comply, ask for an informal conference with OSHA, or challenge the results, the ball is now in Custom Container Solutions’ court. The company’s response will not only impact its financial standing but also set a precedent for occupational safety standards within the manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania and beyond.

This case underscores the crucial role regulatory bodies like OSHA play in safeguarding the well-being of employees across various sectors. It’s a stark reminder to all employers about their legal and moral obligation towards ensuring a safe and conducive working environment for their workforce​​.