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Loss of a Worker Leads to a Staggering Revelation of 36 Violations at Accurate Manufacturing

TULSA — The death of a worker at Accurate Manufacturing, a Tulsa metal fabrication company, prompted a series of three separate OSHA investigations that uncovered a multitide of violations and safety lapses.

The fatal incident occurred in April 2023 when the employee was pressure testing a heat exchanger and got struck when one of its plugs blew off at 2600 psi. The tragic event raised concerns about safety practices at the company, leading to extensive federal health and safety investigations.

The Investigations

These investigations identified a total of 36 violations, with 25 serious safety breaches. The violations covered a wide range of hazards, including obstructions in exit routes, lack of energy-control programs and training, ungrounded flammable chemicals, unsafe operation of industrial equipment, absence of machine guards, improper maintenance of electrical equipment, and inadequate protection for welders and their assistants.

Accurate Manufacturing was also cited for health violations related to the absence of hearing conservation programs, improper audiometric testing, and inadequate respiratory protection.

The Punishment

The consequences for the company were substantial, with proposed penalties amounting to $275,890 for the three inspections. The investigations have underscored the significance of continuous improvement, a proactive safety culture, and ensuring that lessons are learned from every safety incident to prevent larger accidents.

The discovery of 36 violations at the company highlights the importance of stringent safety practices. It’s not just a matter of rules and regulations; it’s about creating a workplace where every employee can confidently perform their tasks without compromising their well-being.

OSHA’s View

OSHA Area Director Steven Kirby said, “Our investigations identified three dozen violations, most of them serious, and found hazardous conditions affecting nearly every aspect of Accurate Manufacturing’s operations.” This has raised major concerns about the company’s disregard for hazards that contributed to a tragic employee fatality.

Accurate Manufacturing Inc. produces and builds steel products for various industries. The company now has 15 business days to comply, request an informal conference, or contest the findings.

What We Learned

The unfortunate incident serves as a poignant reminder that workplace safety is paramount and that all leadership must continually strive for improvements. By taking a proactive approach to safety and addressing even the seemingly minor incidents and hazards, companies can prevent major accidents and create a safer work environment.Use our safety talk on unsafe working conditions to help keep your workplace free from hazards.