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New Jersey Construction Firm Faced with Hefty Fines for Safety Lapses

Irvington, NJ — A New Jersey-based residential construction company, JM Brother Construction LLC, is in hot water following a rigorous OSHA inspection. The firm, noted for its roofing and masonry services, is now faced with hefty fines. The proposed penalties tally up to $77,684 owing to glaring safety violations at a worksite located in Hasbrouck Heights​​​​​.

The matter came to light during a routine OSHA inspection where employees of JM Brother Construction were seen performing roofing work on a two-story residence without the mandated fall protection mechanisms in place. This negligence put the workers at risk of falls from heights up to 23 feet — a hazard that could result in severe injuries or fatalities​​​​.

Further probing unveiled more safety oversights. The firm allowed employees to ride without seat belts in areas of cargo vans unsuitable for passengers. Additionally, there was a reported unsafe use of a ladder. The company failed to safeguard employees from potential head impact injuries, significantly amplifying the risk factor in an already dangerous environment​​.

These findings led to OSHA citing the company for one willful and three serious violations. The proposed penalties reflect the severity of the hazards and the blatant disregard for standard safety protocols. OSHA Area Director stationed in Hasbrouck Heights, Lisa Levy, remarked that JM Brother Construction endangered worker safety by failing to provide necessary fall protection measures. She also highlighted the importance of incorporating such measures in a sector where falls are a leading cause of workplace fatalities​​​​.

The incident underscores the quintessential role of adhering to federal safety laws established to avert potentially crippling injuries or worse outcomes for construction workers. It’s a stark reminder for employers to prioritize the safety of their workforce by ensuring full compliance with official safety standards.

JM Brother Construction LLC now finds itself at a crossroads, with 15 business days to comply with the penalties, request an informal conference with OSHA, or contest the results before the OSHRC.

The incident shines a spotlight on the imperative nature of stringent safety measures in the construction industry, where the propensity for accidents is high. It also highlights the pivotal role of regulatory bodies like OSHA in enforcing compliance with safety laws, thus ensuring a safer working environment for employees.

The case against JM Brother Construction LLC is a clarion call to other firms within the construction realm to ramp up their safety protocols. It’s a poignant reminder that a lax approach to safety can lead to dire consequences, both in human and financial terms. It can adversely affect the reputation and operations of a company in the long run.