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OSHA Slaps Wisconsin Dollar General with Penalties for Repeated Electrical Hazards

CRANDON, WISCONSIN — On October 3, 2023, OSHA cited Dolgencorp LLC, operating as Dollar General, for multiple electrical safety violations at its Crandon, Wisconsin location. But this isn’t the company’s first brush against OSHA; Dollar General has been cited previously in 2020 and 2022 for similar violations.

OSHA investigation

OSHA opened an investigation at the worksite in May 2023, revealing three repeat electrical safety violations, besides one other-than-serious violation for the insecure stacking of totes. This investigation led to proposed penalties totaling $147,334 for the retail giant, marking another chapter in OSHA’s long history of safety inspections at Dollar General stores​.

The identified electrical hazards included the improper connection of two movable power taps, an uncovered outlet, and the misuse of flexible wiring in place of required fixed wiring. These violations, as per OSHA Area Director Robert Bonack, necessitate immediate action from the store managers to avert more severe problems that could arise from such electrical hazards​​.

A history of violations

Dollar General has come under OSHA’s radar multiple times before. The agency has previously identified similar violations at Dollar General locations in Troy, New Hampshire, and Mobile and South Ashland, Alabama. 

Since September 2013, OSHA has conducted over 500 inspections at Dollar General stores, reflecting a persistent issue concerning adherence to electrical safety standards. The corporation operates more than 19,000 stores across the U.S. and Mexico, employing approximately 170,000 people, thus magnifying the potential risk factor involved with such recurring safety violations​​.

What’s next?

The citation offers Dollar General a 15-business-day window to either comply with the citations, seek an informal conference with OSHA’s area director, or challenge the findings before the independent OSHRC. 


This incident underscores the critical importance of maintaining electrical safety standards, not just for Dollar General, but for retail outlets and businesses across the board to ensure a safe working environment for employees and a safe shopping experience for customers​.

With this latest citation, the spotlight is once again on large retail chains and their responsibility towards adhering to safety regulations to ensure a hazard-free environment both for their employees and the customers alike.

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