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Securing a Construction Site

When securing a construction site, make sure all areas are locked up and that equipment is properly secured. Place barricades around the area to keep people out, and post signage to warn of potential hazards. These sites are targets for thieves and vandals, as well as others looking for mischief, so protect property by keeping unauthorized people away.

Whether these people are looking to play with the power tools and other equipment, steal it, cause damage or have wandered near to the site by accident, you need to make sure that your workplace is safe and secure at the end of the day. 

Construction sites are dangerous enough for trained workers. The statistics show that: 

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there were 200,100 nonfatal injuries in the construction industry during 2019
  • In total, 1,066 construction workers died at work. 

This is why it is vital that unauthorized people should not have access to sites when there is no one there to look after them.

Last thing at night – secure the site! 

Why is securing a construction site important?

Construction sites are often filled with dangerous equipment and hazardous materials. Without proper security measures in place, it is easy for someone to get injured or for property to be damaged. It can also increase your insurance premiums if you regularly have break-ins. 

Securing a construction site helps to ensure the safety of anyone who is in the vicinity, as well as protect the property and equipment.

Adding a tough perimeter fence and warning signs are two simple ways of protecting the site. In addition, you could employ security guards, and use video surveillance and motion sensors to keep an eye on the heavy equipment and other valuable or dangerous items on construction jobsites. 

OSHA regulations for securing a construction site

Although there are no specific regulations relating to securing a site, there are some relevant standards from OSHA. These include: 

Putting up signage to dissuade trespassing on site is one way to prevent unauthorized activity on your site. In addition, correct work area control, such as fencing, can prevent trespassers hurting themselves on site. 

Hazards of not securing a construction site

There are many hazards associated with not securing a construction site. First and foremost, an unsecured site is a safety hazard for passersby, inquisitive children or trespassers looking to steal equipment or misuse it. 

Construction materials and equipment can be easily moved or stolen, which could lead to serious injuries or even death. Additionally, an unsecured site can be a target for vandalism and other criminal activity. Securing a construction site is an important step in protecting workers, the public, and property.

Toolbox talk on securing a construction site

Today we’re going to talk about securing a construction site. There are a few things that we can do to make sure the site is safe and that our equipment is protected.

The first thing we need to do is lock up any areas that aren’t supposed to be accessed by unauthorized personnel. This includes locking up the toolshed, closing off the construction area, and putting up barricades around the site.

We should also secure our equipment. This means locking up the Bobcats, welding machines, and other valuable equipment. It’s also a good idea to post signage telling people not to touch the equipment.

Finally, we need to protect our property. This means putting up fencing around the site and making sure that no one unauthorized is allowed onto the property.

These are just a few of the things we can do to secure a construction site. By following these guidelines, we can help keep everyone safe and our equipment protected.

Injuries from not securing a construction site

Construction sites can be dangerous places if not secured properly. If equipment is not locked up, someone could easily get crushed, bruised, cut or suffer broken bones by using it. If areas are not barricaded, people could easily fall and get injured. If signage is not posted, people could easily get lost or hurt. Any chemicals can cause burns or poisoning if misused. 

Questions to employees

1. What is the importance of securing a construction site?

2. What are some of the things you can do to secure a construction site?

Promote site security with this email template

Hello Colleagues, 

In order to ensure the safety of everyone on site and to protect our equipment, it is important that we take the necessary steps to secure the construction site. This includes locking up areas, securing equipment, placing barricades, and posting signage. Please be sure to follow these instructions during your shift, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Thank you, 

[Your Name]

Video on securing a construction site

Securing a construction site meme


Securing a construction site before you leave means that there is less risk of anyone trespassing and, if they do, hurting themselves. It also prevents damage to the property and construction equipment and any other negative consequences of unauthorized people getting in or near the site. Adding in measures such as perimeter fencing, proper lighting and even employing security personnel can all dissuade unwanted visitors.